Technical parameters:

Model: WYN-RO515

Voltage :220V-50HZ

Water Tempt.:5-38℃

Flushing: Auto 

Water Pressure:0.1-0.5MPA

Purifying Capacity:7.8L/H

Membrane: RO   

Size  :378*204*449mm

Application: Residential, Office, Commerce  


1.Integrated Design To Avoid Potential Dangers Resulting From Water Leakage

2. European Style Design

3. Large Screen Displaying

4. Built-In Controlling Plate Displaying Cartridge Life With Function Of Real Time Monitoring

5. Double Testing: Air Pressure And 0.8Mpa Water Pressure To Guarantee Quality

6. Imported Active Carbon With High Adsorption, Iodine Value More Than 1000