Pure water machine market, pure water machine OEM promising?

Competing is a common means to share market, which has many behaviors, such as raw material, quality, price, brand, advantage, background, etc. Nowadays, there is fiercely competing in water purifier industry. Is there still chance to provide OEM service in this industry?

 RO water purifier has not long history. But it was invented in 1967 in which water purifier was humble at the beginning. With the coming of 21st century, water has been heavily polluted. And it is worse during recent decade that majority of rivers are polluted by chemical and bad living water, as media published, which is focused on publicly. As a result, more attention is paid on the drinking water. With its first show, RO purifier gets more and more famous since 2008. Due to high demand, the competing in purifier industry turns fiercer and fiercer.

 Is it competitive and are there any chances on OEM? It is clear No. Of suppliers are more than 4000 in a few years and all suppliers with various scales want to share the market. Currently, there are more and more exhibitors attending Aqua Exhibition in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou every year. In exhibition, innovation, price are shown intensely.