Viano has 3 cores, OEM, ODM and International. We have strong abilities on R/D and manufacturing so that more original products can be supplied by us.

OEM Cooperation:

Viano prompts new decades models every year with our own advantages.

Both parties have respectively brands, market, team and sales channels. Viano chooses better models for mutual cooperation.

 Feature: Buying-Selling; Demanding-Supplying.

 Advantage: Scale Production Reduces Cost; Saving Sales Investment; Avoiding Market Risks.

 ODM Cooperation:

Viano takes advantages of production, researching and developing ability to cooperate with Buyer as per requirements from Buyer’s markets.

Feature: Involving into research, moulding, manufacturing, QC to reflect Buyer’s style and elements.

Advantage: Manipulate research to make more margins. Reduce production marketing period.

Deep Cooperation:

Viano utilizes its own complete product development ability to develop and manufacture products. Due to elaborating many-years professional acknowledge in the water treatment market, Viano is able to provide a number of rich-experienced people.

Both parties with their own brand, have a sound market and philosophy.

Analysis: The two sides cooperate deeply in the use of their own respective advantages on products, market and experience.

Both parties can expand the brand influence, market share, common market to earn more margins.

Advantages: save initial investment, accelerate the speed of involving in the industry.