☆ Integrate filtering, heating, and health-preserving pot; ☆ An external independent heating kettle prevents thousands of boiling water,
☆ Intelligent control, simple working status display, clear and easy to understand
☆ Suitable for multi-channel and diversified sales mode☆ Top-drawing integrated filter element, built-in food-grade water tank Customer model: YR1931-RO
Applicable water source: municipal tap water
Applicable water pressure: 0.1MPa~0.4MPa
Applicable water temperature: 5℃~38℃
Applicable ambient temperature: 4℃~40℃ (indoor)
Applicable relative humidity: ≤90% at 25℃
Rated voltage/power: 220V~/ 1230W
Water treatment process: PP5 +CTO++PP1+RO+composite filter element (CTO+PP)
Purified water flow: ≥0.19L/min
Rated total water purification: 2100L
Desalination rate: ≥92%
Machine noise: ≤50db

Type of protection against electric shock: Class Ⅰ

dimension:      187*417*408mm
dimension:        inside carton495*265*485mm / outside carton505*275*495mm
net weight/gross weight:     7kg / 9kg