Product features:

※Rare earth thick membrane  heating technology,  3 seconds instant hot , and the water is stable;
※Separation of water and electricity, stable energy saving, safe and worry-free;
※4 steps non-polar  temperature adjustment, drink good water;
※Plug-in filter element, two simple steps, independent DIY and easy replacement of the element;

Product parameters

Application water source: municipal tap water
Application water temperature:5℃~38℃
Application environmental temperature:4℃~40℃(room)
Application  relative humidity:when it is 25℃,≤90% 
Rated Voltage/Power:220V~/2200W
Water treatment craft:PPF+RO
Purified water flow:50G/Day——100G/Day
Anti-electric shock protection type:Ⅰtype

Product size: 18.7*38.5*40.6CM

Filter  configuration

Filtration Stage ITEM Function Service life
1st PPF PP fiber filtration wipes off impurities, algae, silt, sediment 2-3 months
2rd RO RO membrane,remove the micro impurities,colloid,metal,bacterials and so on,only
left the water molecule and dissolved oxygen,output water is purity water
12-24 months