Product features:

※One set  is equal to six sets, integrating reverse osmosis filtration, heating;
※ Extra with sole heating kettle 、avoid thousands of times boiled water 
※Smart controlling ,simple work status showing,clean and easily understanding
※ Apply for multi-access,diversity sales model
※Upper drawer type integrated filter core,built-in food rating water tank

Product parameters

Applicated water source: Municipal tap water
Application water pressure: 0.1MPa~0.4MPa
Application water temperature:5℃~38℃
Application environment temperature:4℃~40℃(room )
Application relative humidty :when it is 25℃,≤90% 
Rated voltage /power :220V~/ 1230W
Water treatment craft :PP+UDF+PP+RO+UDF
Purified water flow:50G/Day——200G/Day
Anti-electric shock protection :    Ⅰtype
Product dimension :55.5*41.6*19.6 cm

Filter  configuration

Filtration Stage ITEM Function Service life
1st PP-10A PP fiber filtration wipes off impurities, algae, silt, sediment 2-3 months
2nd GAC-10A GAC filtration wipes off residual chlorine, THM's, unpleasant smell, pesticides, chemical poisons 3-6 months
3rd CTO-10B

Block carbon remove the heterochrosis,odour,chroline and other materials which are harmful to health.

To improve the taste, Will use the micropore of the active carbon filter to holdback the microgranule,

micro colloid and micro suspended materials. 

To make the water which into the RO membrane is suitable so as make the lifespan of the ro membrane are longer

3-6 month
4th RO RO membrane,remove the micro impurities,colloid,metal,bacterials and so on,only
left the water molecule and dissolved oxygen,output water is purity water
12-24 months
5th CTO-10B Post active carbon(T33),improve the PH,avoid the second contamination
Mineral ball filter, add mineral material in the pure water, more healthy.
10-12 months